Promini Liqui-vac (Top Side)Oil Change:
The clean and simple solution

You need to check out the PROMINI Oil Changer. No lifting the car!

First, under the hood, locate the yellow engine oil dip stick toward the front of the vehicle.

Second, pump up the Liqui-vac oil container aprox. 50 times.

Third, remove the dip stick and set it aside.

Now, you simply insert the suction tube into the dip stick tube of the vehicle.

Then, open the suction valve on the Liqui-vac container neck to start the flow of oil. Within 8 minutes the oil from your engine will magically transfer over to the oil changer recycle canister. While this is happening you can be getting your oil filter ready and open your bottles of Redline oil and be ready to fill the crankcase, and be finished in about 10 minutes total.

When the oil has finished running, close the suction valve on the container neck, Remove the suction tube and and transport the oil as normal to a recycling facility.

Finally, you are ready to change the oil filter and add fresh Redline oil, then replace the dip stick.

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