TECH TIP: MINI Cooper Center Exit Exhaust System Install

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The Cooper center exit exhaust has been in our program for several years. The system was designed to give the S look to the normal Cooper and is constructed of 100% 304 stainless steel.

MINI Cooper OEM Part Number:
022 830 413 - Connecting Pipe
022 830 504 - Center Exit Muffler
022 830 516 - Round Tips (70mm)
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Vehicles Effected:

  • MINI Cooper (2002-2006)
  • MINI Convertibles (2005-06)

Listen to the MINI Cooper Exhaust Sound Clip: Inside & Outside Car - press play

This system is quite popular in Europe. It does require the removal of the spare tire and associated mounting hardware. This is the same concept as the Cooper S, relying on the run flat tires without a spare. The advantages are that you now have a much broader choice of aerodynamic kits, since many kits are design only for the Cooper S. You save a huge amount of weight (almost 35 lbs.) with spare tire and factory muffler assembly removed. The project is totally reversible with the exception of the black rear trim panel. You have a choice of 6 aggressive tip designs.

Remove the factory resonator and rear muffler. Remove the factory spare tire and mounting hardware. Notch the center exit into the factory lower bumper trim and install and secure the Supersprint center pipe or resonator and rear muffler. Since our choice was to increase the sound somewhat we opted to install the Supersprint mandrel bent center pipe and rear muffler. For a quieter tone, the alternative would be to use the Supersprint center resonator in place of the center pipes.
MINI Cooper Center Exit Exhaust System (view larger image)

Step 1:
Using a liberal supply of WD40 on all fasteners, remove the two 10mm nuts at the rear of the catalytic converter. With the help of an assistant to support the muffler, remove the center resonator support and the two 13mm nuts securing the lower muffler bracket. Now remove the assembly as one unit.
MINI Cooper factory exhaust (view larger image)

Step 2:
Remove the spare tire and all the associated hardware. You will need to trim away a portion of the factory muffler heat shield, leaving the portion that protects the center pipe or resonator.
MINI Cooper exhaust removal (view larger image)

Step 3:
Using new gaskets and hardware as needed, install the Supersprint center pipe or resonator. Do not fully tighten the fasteners in case you need to make some adjustments.
MINI Cooper exhaust installation (view larger image)

Step 4:
Install the Supersprint rear muffler with your choice of tail pipe tip. Leave hangers loose until all final adjustments are made. Raise the muffler until it contacts with the lower black trim lip of the rear bumper. Attach the supplied template to the trim piece with masking tape. Use the reverse light assembly as a centering guide for the placement of the cut out template. Confirm the muffler is centered and will attach to the hangers in the centered position of the template. Use a coping saw to cut out the muffler exit opening. (this can be purchased at most building supply stores for approx. $7.00) Note: you must save the cut out section since it will be used to create the plug for the original side exit opening.
MINI Cooper muffler installation (view larger image)

Step 5:
With a Dremel tool or a round wood dowel wrapped with sand paper, smooth out the edges of the opening.
MINI Cooper exhaust tip installation (view larger image)

Step 6:
Place the small cut out piece over the original opening and from the inside trace or outline the new plug shape. Sand and trim the plug to fit the opening. From the outside of the trim panel use masking tape to hold the piece in position. From the behind use black silicone adhesive to attach the plug and allow to dry overnight.
MINI Cooper spoiler modification (view larger image)

Step 7:
Lift the muffler into position and attach using the original as well as new hangers provided, making sure the tip exits the trim piece without making contact. If needed,k you may need to trim the opening slightly for additional clearance.
MINI Cooper Center Exit Exhaust (view larger image)

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