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MINI Cooper Peake Fault Code Reader & Reset Tool

Part Number: 161527

Manufacturer Number: 078 000 030

A Service Engine Soon light on the dash of your Mini Cooper (and Mini cooper S) can certainly take the fun out of your day. To quickly and accurately diagnose the problem and reset the warning light, you need a code reader that can access the fault codes specific to your Mini. This requires a NON-OBDII tool, such as the low cost R5/EMX from Peake Research, which will read and reset factory dealer codes and reset Minis unique dash lights, like the Oilservice - Inspection and engine lights.

Why is "NON-OBDII" so important?

There is a huge difference between OBDII codes and the highly specific œfactory codes. The R5/EMX accesses Minis vast array of factory diagnostic, analysis and repair codes enjoyed by Mini dealers, where OBDII tools and the misleadingly named Manufacturer Specific OBDII tools simply will not. Keep in mind, BMW/Mini did not go beyond the governments most narrow and basic legal requirement for OBDII code reading in their cars. Therefore OBDII code readers are of virtually no value outside the realm of smog testing.

If your aim is to reset your Minis unique brand of dash lights, repair, pinpoint and analyze, there is no substitute for factory capable tools like the R5/EMX made by Peake Research Corporation.

Since 1989, Peake Tools have been the industry-standard when it comes to electronic diagnostics and reset tools for BMWs and more recently, Minis. Peake Researchs professional quality tools are simply unsurpassed in value, reliability, ease of use and accuracy. Since 1992, if you open a leading service manual, like Robert Bentley, Mitchell, Haynes, Chiltons, you will see the tools of Peake Research pictured and recommended.

Technical Specs:
Size:  3.25" x 1.75" diameter with integral 24" cable
Weight: 177g (8.7oz)(with manual and case)
Compatibility (years): Available for Mini Cooper (and S) to 2006
Connection: Connects to the 16-pin under-dash plug.
Compatible Makes & Nations: Mini only / all nations
Diagnostic range:  Reads Mini engine fault codes that trigger the Check Engine and Service Engine Soon warning lights.
Reset Functions: Resets the engine fault codes and Check Engine/Service Engine Soon Lights; Oilservice/Inspection reminders/countdown lights to 2005
Communication:  Will not program or disturb existing firmware
Construction: High impact plastic, gold plated internal connections; 16 bit CPU
Documentation: 16 page, printed paper, code definition / user manual
Storage Case: Included

MSRP $129.99
Your Price: $129.99
On Sale: $123.49
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